FCI Standard                                                                                                            Nr. 109 C

Dato 18.01.1980





Oprindelsesland: Storbritannien


General appearance:                           That of a dog with a thoughtful expression, very massive but active, which moves with a rolling gait characteristic of the breed.


Head and skull:                                   Head large, square and massive, of medium length, broad on top, with a decided occiput. Heavy brows with a deep stop. Heavy muzzle, with well developed flew, and level jaw and mouth. Nose square and flesh coloured.


Eyes:                                                  Dark amber, slightly sunk with some haw showing.


Ears:                                                  Large, vine leaf shape, and well covered with straight hair, and hanging slightly forward, the feather not to extend below the leather.


Mouth:                                               Should be level and neither over nor undershot.


Neck:                                                 Fairly long, thick and powerful, and well feathered underneath.


Forequarters:                                      Shoulders strong, sloping and muscular. Chest deep. Legs short, straight, thick and strong.


Body:                                                 Long and heavy, and near the ground, with well sprung ribs. Back straight, broad and long.


Hindquarters:                                      Very powerful and well developed. Loin powerful, well let down in flank. Hocks low, stifles well bent set straight.


Feet:                                                  Large and round, well covered with hair.


Tail:                                                   Set low, well feathered, and carried about level with the back.


Coat:                                                  Abundant, close, silky and straight. Legs well feathered.


Colour:                                               Plain white, with lemon markings. Orange permissible. Slight head markings and freckled muzzle, with white body preferred.


Weight and Size:                                Dogs about 25 to 31.8 kg. (55 to 70 lbs). Bitches about 20.4 27.2 kg. (45 to 60 lbs).


Note:                                                 Male animals should have two apparently normal testicles full descended into the scrotum.




                                                          Standarden udgivet af FCI 18 JANUARY 1980



Venligst udlånt af DKK APRIL 2002